Online Branded Christmas Games

Our Peek & Poke Christmas games are a great way to spread some festive cheer this year. *(previously Team Cooper)

Your audience will be bombarded with Christmas marketing messages from other brands and from your competitors too. This year give them something different, engaging and entertaining, to make sure you stand out.

Cost effective games

Our white label, pre-developed branded games, offer a cost effective way to engage and connect with your audience.

They are fast paced and addictive, with in-built competition leaderboards, social sharing functionality and the ability to customise as much as you want to suit your brand.

Have a look at some of our clients Christmas crackers from years gone by. If you’d like to chat about how a game can work for you this Christmas, get in touch for a chat.

Here’s our Christmasified range of games, ready to be tailored to your brand by simply changing the copy and colours, changing the entire environment and characters or somewhere in between. We’ll have a game that will suit you budget and timescales.

Santa’s Rooftop Runner

Our classic Christmas game allows you to take charge of Santa as he dashes across rooftops under starlit skies, avoiding all the obstacles in his way. DFDS Seaways online team liked their Runner so much they did it twice, with extra features and functionality to create even more engagement! Have a play and see the results for yourself in the Ferry Christmas case study.

Christmas Conga

A Christmas take on our Conga Challenge game. The office environment gets a festive make-over ready for the Christmas party. Collect colleagues to your conga line as you navigate your way around the office, taking care not to bump into desks and furniture along the way. B2B Energy company Opus Energy did just that, while B2C client DFDS Seaways, opted for a destination Christmas Market themed version!

Jingle Jet

Our festive flyer game allows your audience to boost Santa through the skies on his jingling jet pack. Player’s will need to help keep Santa topped up on festive treats so he has the energy to avoid obstacles and successfully deliver presents on Christmas eve. Ho ho ho!

Greene King Brewery opted for one of these last year and, with a few customisations, tailored the game perfectly to suit their wider Farmhouse Inns category campaign, with Mrs Clause taking the lead and saving the day!

Magical Maze Game

Available from October is a Christmas version of our Maze game. Our addictive Pac-Man inspired engine will have have a festive makeover as your audience directs their Elf around the maze to collect all the pips and presents, but watch out those pesky penguins are on the loose! This classic game is sure to entertain and engage your audience and help you stand out this Christmas.

Hoppy Christmas!

Also in development ready for Christmas 2019 is a festive version of our Hopper game! Keep your eyes peeled for a working demo of this magical winter wonderland where you can guide your Elf safely across the snowy terrain.

When we first got in touch with [Peek & Poke] we weren’t 100% sure on how to approach a digital Christmas campaign, so we’re very thankful to the team for their support and for helping shape the campaign!

Louise Williams, Marketing Manager at Opus Energy

Ho Ho Hello!