Opus Energy Christmas Conga Countdown

This Christmas party kept players engaged for the longest we've EVER seen

Gas and Electricity supplier Opus Energy has had plenty of successes with offline Christmas campaigns. But when Christmas 2017 came with a new challenge, they had to step outside their comfort zone.

Going Digital

As Opus Energy grew as a business so too did their target audience for Christmas campaigns. They still wanted to reward the hard work of their brokers with Christmas goodies, but the larger numbers rendered their previously tried and tested physical mailers impractical. Knowing they had to take the plunge into digital campaigns they did a bit of research and came to us for help.

When we first got in touch with [Peek & Poke] we weren’t 100% sure on how to approach a digital Christmas campaign, so we’re very thankful to the team for their support and for helping shape the campaign!

Louise Williams, Marketing Manager at Opus Energy

Congaing Colleagues

First step was choosing the game and the Conga Challenge was the perfect engine; set in the fashionably festive Opus-ified offices, players were challenged to collect as many colleagues as possible in their Christmas Conga, dancing in and around the branded and decorated desks and banners, avoiding obstacles in their way.

Everyday Prizes

To make sure that this new digital campaign packed a punch and engaged their audience, Opus offered a daily prize across each working day in December, so there was great incentive for players to come back time and time again.

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Creating Lasting Connections

Engagement was soaring from the get-go with this conga spectacular and as you can see from the results below, the total average engagement time was the highest engagement we’ve seen here at 1 hour 24 minutes! 🎉

Most importantly, the Opus Energy Marketing team seemed thrilled with the results. “The game was almost too addictive and was a regular feature on the screens here at Opus Energy.” the Marketing Manager admitted. “We also heard that the target audience were really enjoying the game too and we’ve seen some of the brokers we were actively targeting engaged with the game which was a real bonus!”

Nothing gives us the festive fuzzies like knowing that our clients are as thrilled with our games as we are!


Total average engagement time of 1 hour and 24 minutes per player

667 users played the game 8,684 times on the first day alone

Average session duration of 17 minutes

Over 58,000 games played

Average of 36 plays per player