Peek & Poke unite brands and people.

Working with all sorts of companies from small businesses to large agencies, broadcasters to charities and all the people and brands in between. We can help you connect with your audience in fun way.

Good customer service, fantastic game selection, easy to use systems, project management was a dream compared with other companies.

Anna Smith, Agenda Marketing & Communication

*Blush!* Comments like that are what we’re all about. Here’s how it all started…

Peek & Poke started life as Team Cooper.

Founded in 2006 by Tim Cooper, who worked solo in his home office developing Flash banners for clients.

Flash banners grew into Flash games and the demand for those games grew. Team Cooper expanded into, well, a whole team! Clients included Sky, the BBC and Nickelodeon. There was even a tip of the hat in the form of a BAFTA nomination along the way too.


But when Flash fell out of favour, Team Cooper had to re-boot. It was time to re-think and adapt to the changing needs of their audience. Getting to grips with HTML5, Team Cooper started to develop games that offered more of a white label solution. Games which were much more accessible and cost-effective, delivered for brands and their marketing campaigns.


The team also launched Piknik in 2018, a truly off-the-shelf service, catering for those who want to either prove the branded games concept with minimal investment or want a game with less customisation and a super quick turnaround time. Team Cooper could now cater for a wide range of budgets and requirements.

Peek & Poke

As the company evolved Team Cooper looked very different from where it started in 2006. It felt like an appropriate time to review the company name and values, and so in 2019 Team Cooper became Peek & Poke. You can read a little bit more about this process and our journey so far in Tim’s blog.

We’re really proud of how far we’ve come and what we do. If you’d like to know more or just have a chat about our process and games, please get in touch or you’re welcome to pop in to Peek & Poke HQ for a chat over tea and biscuits.