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For many brands and marketing departments, Christmas is one of the busiest times of year.

As a marketer, you and your team will be under pressure to deliver something fun, attractive, entertaining, and engaging that helps you make the most of your budget as well as stand out from competitors.

There’s some good news though – Christmas is a great opportunity to get creative and it gives us marketing folk a fab excuse to try something a little bit different.

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Beazley Risky Rider Gameplay

Does your Christmas marketing stand out? 🎅

We all know how busy the festive season is in the marketing and advertising space.

Your own customers and target audience will be getting bombarded with Christmas messages from other brands, including your competitors.

It’s up to you to make sure you’re doing something different to get their attention this year.

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Flippin' Festive Faces Branded Christmas Game for Marketing

Branded Christmas games 🎮

Marketing campaigns that feature an interactive element, like online games, are a great way to proactively engage with your audience.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, getting your clients or customers involved in a fun experience creates memorable connections with your brand.

If you’ve been trying to come up with new and exciting ideas to make your Christmas marketing campaign stand out this year, branded games could be just the thing you’re looking for… 👇

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Kwik Fit Game Conga Line

Christmas games for your marketing 🚀

Here are just some of the ways in which branded Christmas games can help you deliver on your marketing objectives:

🎅 Reward customers and employees
🎮 Delight B2B clients and partners
🧲 Capture leads
🌿 Nurture prospects
🔓 Offer exclusive discounts
🎁 Launch a new product
💪 Team up with sponsors
💡 Educate your audience
🎄 Share some festive fun!

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Free ebook 📖

Grab your free guide to Christmas game success!

To help you on your voyage, we’ve collated everything we know about creating the best festive marketing game campaign and published it all in this super-duper 50-page guide. We cover budgets, campaign objectives, game promotion, client success stories, and a whole load more.

Sound like something you’d want to have in your back pocket this year? Grab your copy here:

➡️ Game Time: Your Guide to Christmas Game Success!

Note: We haven’t checked if it’ll actually fit in your back pocket. You’d have to get all printy and foldy and stuff and, quite frankly, Francis, we don’t have time for that.

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Game Time! Your Guide to Christmas Game Success

"We really can’t recommend Peek & Poke enough for anyone looking for an engaging branded game. The team were professional and prompt from start to finish, the support available went above all expectations, and the campaign performance was fantastic!"

Raise brand awareness at Christmas 👀

Did we mention that games are a great way to get your brand in front of people for some serious gameplay time? Our products have been developed with fun gameplay in mind, and most deliver average player engagement times of over 20 minutes!

We offer multiple customisation options to meet a wide range of budgets and requirements, meaning brands of any size can get in on the action. Simply add your logo and copy for a quick turnaround, or go for a full re-skin with all your branded bells and whistles on.

Whatever level of customisation you choose, our games come with plenty of opportunities for logo placement – think in-game billboards, buildings, screens, fittings, and borders.

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Pringles Raising Brand Awareness with Online Christmas Game

12 days of Christmas 🥁

For a wonderful festive addition to any of our ready-to-go Christmas games, why not try combining yours with a digital advent calendar and 12-day or 24-day prize giveaway competition?

The digital advent calendar is a landing page with doors that open to reveal images and short descriptions. The top of the landing page features your company logo, the game logo, and a section of copy, with the doors then linking out to your selected Christmas game.

This interactive dream team is great for re-engaging players on a daily basis, reminding them that there’s a new prize to be won each day. If you wanted to go all-out with bells on, you could even combine the digital advent calendar with multiple games to keep things extra interesting!

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Digital Advent Calendar Christmas Campaign Example

Games for all budgets 💰

Whatever your marketing goals this Christmas, we’re sure there’s a game that will suit your needs and budget.

With prices starting from £695, our ready-to-go games give you everything you need to quickly send a branded game to your audience. Use the handy editor tool to add your logo and change the in-game copy, then off you go!

If you’re looking for extra customisation then our tailored games, starting from £4,295, give you loads of options – whether you’re looking for a simple update to the copy and colours, a change to the entire environment and characters, or maybe something in between!

Check out our full collection of Christmas games, with visual comparisons to highlight the differences between our ready-to-go and tailored services.

Ready-to-go games

Tailored Christmas games

Budget-Friendly Christmas Flyer Game

"The final product exceeded our expectations. Our branding tied in so well with the game and the character design ended up being incredible. The game surpassed our expectations as it was shared without the spend and how it should be – organically!"

Join the brands already succeeding with games!

"The final delivery exceeded our expectations – the creative looks amazing and the game works really well. We were really pleased that Peek & Poke were able to help us achieve this across so many markets and that so many consumers interacted with the game."

Using a branded game for Christmas marketing campaigns

Get your FREE Guide to Christmas Game Success!

We’ve put together a 50-page ebook covering everything you need to know about running a Christmas game campaign. We'll walk you through budgets, tips and tricks, and real-life results – go on, help yourself! 👇

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How to Use a Digital Advent Calendar

The digital advent calendar is a wonderful festive addition to any of our ready-to-go Christmas games. Dive into what the calendar is, how it works, and how you can use it for your own campaign this Christmas.

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