Branded Christmas games

Our Peek & Poke Christmas games are a great way to spread some festive cheer this year. *(previously Team Cooper)

If you’re thinking of creating a branded HTML5 game for your clients and staff to celebrate the festive season, we have the perfect solution.

When we first got in touch with [Peek & Poke] we weren’t 100% sure on how to approach a digital Christmas campaign, so we’re very thankful to the team for their support and for helping shape the campaign!

Louise Williams, Marketing Manager at Opus Energy

Our white label, off-the-shelf branded games, offer a cost effective way to engage and connect with your audience. Based on our most popular games, they are fast paced and addictive, compatible across desktop and mobile platforms, with built-in competition leaderboards and optional social sharing functionality.

Choose your engine from the three Christmas off-the-shelf options below, change the game name to align with your product or brand, change the game copy to represent your message, and the colours to suit your campaign. Once you’ve decided on your options, leave it with us to work our magic and you’ll have your very own branded Christmas game in as little as two weeks. So there’s nothing left to do but choose your engine….

Santa’s Rooftop Runner

Our classic Christmas game allows you to take charge of Santa’s rooftop dash across the starlit skies, avoiding obstacles in his way. Have a read of client case studies and have a play with results and links to play from last years Christmas runners.

Christmas Conga

A Christmas take on our conga engine the office environment gets a festive make-over ready for the Christmas party. Collect colleagues to your conga line as you navigate your way around the office, taking care not to bump into desks and furniture along the way.

Jingle Jet

An updated version of our flyer engine is now available. Boost Santa through the skies, helping him collect as many coins as possible.

Magical Maze Raider

Also available from October will be a Christmas version of our Maze Raider game. Our quick and addictive Pac-Man inspired engine will be Christmas-ified to entertain and engage your customers or clients.

If you’re looking to commission a game for your brand this Christmas, give us a call on 0114 399 1011 or drop us a note on the contact form below. We’re happy to chat. And, if you need a few more reasons why you should, read our Piknik blog, 5 reasons to order a branded Christmas game for a little more inspiration!


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