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Derivco Sports Christmas Game Bundle

When one game isn’t festive enough, why not go for four?

Derivco Sports took their Christmas competition to the next level with a four-game advent calendar bonanza!

Derivco ho ho

Planning the annual Christmas do can be a bit of a headache at the best of times. Add to that a global pandemic, empty offices and a workforce all working from home, and you can see that Derivco Sports’ comms team had a real challenge on their hands.

Undeterred, Event Coordinator Jessica Kenningale got in touch with the Peek & Poke team to discuss taking the party online!

Jessica said: “Like many companies, we were approaching the festive period with a rather large conundrum. How could we engage and celebrate with our employees during a Christmas that was in the middle of a global pandemic? Luckily, this is where Peek & Poke came in.

“We wanted to use remote working as an opportunity to do something different and, being the tech heads we are, we knew it had to be fun and it had to be gamified!”

Peek & Poke were on the ball from the get-go, full of ideas and enthusiasm. After a couple of meetings, we had a fully branded advent calendar of games and prizes for our employees to play in the lead-up to Christmas!

Jessica Kenningale, Event Coordinator, Derivco Sports

Let’s get ready to bundle!

Derivco Sports knew from the word go that they wanted something more than just a standalone game. They wanted a festive feast of entertainment featuring a digital advent calendar with daily prizes for their employees to win.

We worked with them to explore some options and settled on a ready-to-go advent calendar super bundle. We delivered four different Premium-tier Christmas games, which meant employees were able to play a different game each working week of December – keeping them engaged with new and exciting festive content.

Learn more about using B2B advent calendars to engage staff and business partners.

I’ve got to say, I think we lost a lot of hours trying to beat each other on the Hoppy Christmas game... The leaderboard was a great way of keeping track of who was going to come out on top and be in with a chance of winning one of our epic prizes!

Jessica Kenningale, Event Coordinator, Derivco Sports

The main advent

Derivco Sports asked and we delivered.

The four games were fronted by an advent calendar landing page where Jess and the team were able to take control of uploading and managing daily prize reveals throughout the working week.

To get players excited for the build-up to the end of the week, Monday–Thursday prizes were token gifts with the big goods up for grabs on Fridays!

The whole process from start to finish was SO simple. Nothing was impossible and the games and calendar itself ran without a hitch. Our teams loved the games too and it would get quite competitive – you’d often see screenshots of high scores popping up in chats throughout the day!

Jessica Kenningale, Event Coordinator, Derivco Sports

Christmas cracker!

Despite the 2020 office festivities taking place digitally, Derivco Sports staff showed up!

Across the four games, they racked up a total of 15,707 game plays and an impressive average of 23 games played per player!

Notable highlights included a total average engagement time of over an hour for the Hoppy Christmas game and over 6,000 total Christmas Conga games played.


15,707 total games played

4 Christmas-themed games with advent calendar landing page

Average 23 games played per player