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Kwik Fit Kwikmas Match

A fun festive game for customers and staff alike!

Kwik Fit used their very own branded Match-3 game to engage employees and customers across two market regions!

Back in the game

Following on from the success of their festive conga game the year before, Kwik Fit wanted to do something special in the lead-up to Christmas 2021.

With the goal of engaging both employees and customers in the UK and Netherlands, they decided to create four versions of the same game so that everyone could enjoy it!

The perfect match

Kwik Fit wanted a tailored game that would be memorable and fun for their audience to play. After trying out the various options available on the Peek & Poke website, they opted for a classic Match-3 format that they could customise to suit their branding and campaign.

We worked with them to create automotive dashboard icons that players could match together in a row across 10 increasingly challenging levels. After weaving in their branding and setting up the voucher giveaway mechanic, the Kwikmas Match game was born!


The fact that people were able to engage with the game, wherever they were, on any device, and feel connected with each other, was really great to see.

Bradley Jando, Digital Content Executive, Kwik Fit

Employee engagement for the win!

One of the company’s key campaign objectives in 2021 was to help bring people together and drive employee engagement within the organisation. As Bradley Jando, Digital Content Executive at Kwik Fit, explained:

“Covid-19 had a huge impact on our employee engagement, in terms of minimising contact and people working from home where possible. There’s not been as much face-to-face interaction as people have been used to in the past. It’s created more of a need for conscious togetherness.”

Watch the video clip below where Bradley talks about how the game helped to engage their staff in the UK! 🎥👇

The game worked fantastically and we saw some really great results in terms of engagement metrics.

Bradley Jando, Digital Content Executive, Kwik Fit

Happy customers

Other objectives of the game were to engage customers, increase brand engagement, and use it to deploy voucher codes for products and services. Players were challenged to beat certain levels to unlock the discount codes, which they could then apply at the checkout when placing orders online.

A great way to encourage sales while giving their audience a bit of fun and festive cheer – a win-win for brand and customers alike!

If anyone’s looking to build a game campaign that’s fun, engaging, and complements their brand, I would definitely recommend Peek & Poke!

Bradley Jando, Digital Content Executive, Kwik Fit

A Kwikmas fairy tale!

The B2C versions saw 17,000 players complete over 600,000 games across both regions, while 900 staff members played the game almost 80,000 times with an average engagement time in the UK of 1 hour 55 minutes. A merry Kwikmas all round! 🚗🎄

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600,000 games played by customers

80,000 games played by staff

Avg. UK staff engagement time of 1 hour 55 minutes per player