Beazley Risky Rider

Beazley geared up for gold in their latest Christmas caper.

In this latest instalment of Beazley’s annual Christmas game, their insurance broker audience were engaged for over 11 minutes each!

Good quality work, streamlined process and always delivered on time and budget.

Jon Labram, Global Brand and Design Manager at Beazley

Upping their game

For many years now, Beazley has done away with the standard Christmas e-card in favour of sending out something a little more fun to entertain their broker audience in the lead up to the holiday season.

We’ve worked with Beazley in the past and achieved quite the string of success stories with Jingle JetBeazley Conga and most recently Express Delivery. Setting the bar consistently high year after year, they’d set themselves quite the challenge to bring out something new for 2018.

In their dedication to giving their brokers something new and exciting, Beazley commissioned a festive version of our Racer game.

Bring out the ski-doos!

Beazley commissioned a couple of custom characters for players to race around the track as fast as they could. Players needed to control their character around a winding course collecting policies and hitting speed tiles to get cheeky boosts.

Submitting a score to the leaderboard unlocked a new feature, where players could race against the ghosts of players closest to them in the leaderboard rankings, adding to the element of competition!

The game was available in both English and French and also helped to raise awareness of their charity partner, All Hands and Hearts.

Eat my snow-dust!

Out of a mailing list of circa 12,000 people, well over 4,500 players played the game meaning it achieved a 37% conversion to play! Those players raced nearly 12,800 times in total. Wowzers.

Seeing that nearly 2,680 scores were submitted we’d say the ghost competitors kept players coming back to compete against their fellow ski-doo enthusiasts.

We’re thrilled that this year’s game really revved some engines and can’t wait to work with Beazley on the contents of their virtual stocking next year!


Total average engagement of 11 and a half minutes per player

37% conversion to play

Just under 12,800 games played

Delivered in both French and English