Farmhouse Inns Jingle Jetpack

Helping customers believe in a Farmhouse Christmas

True to their motto of "A Great Experience for Everyone", Farmhouse Inns brought their festive menu to life and rewarded players with great experiences and great prizes.

Dealing with the team day to day, I was always confident in Peek & Poke – but the day I showed Mrs Claus to the team we gained the utmost confidence in the game being on track!

Mark Haslam, Digital Designer at Greene King

More than just a menu

For Christmas 2018 Greene King were planning a festive campaign that would give its Farmhouse Inns customers more than just great food; they wanted to give them a great experience and reward their loyalty with great giveaways.

The Greene King digital team had considered running a game campaign in the past, but found that it was too cost-prohibitive. As Mark Haslam of Greene King explains – “over the past couple of years we’ve explored the bespoke game build solution, but when presented to the business they found it way too expensive with quotes at £20k to trial”.

Finding the right solution

The team had contacted Peek & Poke earlier in the year and learned more about our cost-effective tailored games. Mark explained that these worked well for what they were looking for – “as a proof of concept, it was really important that the game not only looked beautiful, but it was solid and didn’t encounter any hefty technical issues.”

With Christmas approaching and a solid festive campaign in the works they thought it would be a great opportunity to give a game a go.

It was important that Peek & Poke were UK based and the quality of the portfolio gave me lots of confidence and especially their support – it reassured me!

Mark Haslam, Digital Designer at Greene King

Play while you wait

Farmhouse Inns had special festive menus prepared ahead of the holiday season. These menus were fronted by a jolly Mrs Claus and had a real focus on promoting their famous, homemade cakes.

To ensure the game felt like an extension of these efforts, Greene King’s digital team commissioned a custom character based on the Mrs Claus art featured on the menus. We also suggested amending key in-game functionality to promote their cakes and take-away service, and the Cake Away mega boost became the most sought after in game pick-up!

Ultimately, the game needed to help convert players to patrons and did so by featuring a link out to a special landing page where players could book their table and enjoy the festive menu at their local Farmhouse Inn.

Have your cake and eat it too!

The result? A Christmas cracker that engaged over 12,000 players for an average of 17 and a half minutes each!  Now that’s something worth celebrating – pass the cake!

Best of all, Mark also had some nice things to say about the process too!


The journey to the last day is always important and the Peek & Poke team continued to be incredibly supportive and caring. Maybe others can develop games – but it’s not just about that.

Mark Haslam, Digital Designer at Greene King


Total average player engagement time of 17 and a half minutes!

Game played 132,770 times

Over 12,000 unique players