Sleeping Giant Media App-Attack

Creating a positive brand touchpoint by helping people ‘find the joy’ of gameplay!

With the goal of injecting positivity and fun into people’s day, Sleeping Giant Media encouraged their audience to take time out and play the App-Attack game for the chance to win big prizes!

Fun and games

Digital marketing agency Sleeping Giant Media know all about what it takes to deliver a creative campaign. From SEO and PPC to social media, content strategy, and more, they have a long list of happy clients to back up their position as an authority in the digital marketing space.

No strangers to fun and games, they decided to run a branded game competition that they could introduce to their own team, existing clients, and wider audience!

The perfect match

Having first discovered Peek & Poke at an event in 2018, Sleeping Giant Media have had branded games on their radar for some time. They quickly saw the potential of using a game to drive engagement and raise brand awareness – it was simply a case of developing the right campaign for a B2B audience.

As Amber Vellacott, Brand & Marketing Manager at Sleeping Giant Media, explained: “For several years, our Giants have managed to win quite the collection of Peek & Poke t-shirts throughout many competitions! It’s safe to say, Peek & Poke stayed front of mind for many of us with their marketing and awesomely addictive games.”

We wanted to work with Peek & Poke because they really demonstrated an understanding of gamification and quality content. They’re a cool and trendy brand that was in keeping with our own values, and we saw them as thought-leaders in their industry.

Amber Vellacott, Brand & Marketing Manager, Sleeping Giant Media

Finding the joy

Sleeping Giant Media decided to run a 10-week competition centred around ‘finding the joy’ of gameplay, simply encouraging people to take time out of their day and have fun on their behalf.

After opting for the Match-3 engine, they added their logo and branding to create the Giant App-Attack. The game would then be used to offer a range of great prizes including tickets to Alton Towers, The Crystal Maze Experience, a glider flight, bungee jump, vouchers, and more!

We’d never worked on a project like this before, but we knew from our experience with Peek & Poke’s brand that it would deliver great things.

Amber Vellacott, Brand & Marketing Manager, Sleeping Giant Media

Squidding around

Sleeping Giant Media initially promoted the game to a professional network on LinkedIn, before branching out to their existing audience through email campaigns.

They then ramped up their efforts with paid social, internal promo, stand designs at business events, adverts in event programmes, as well as mentioning the game at any talks, seminars, and workshops they were involved in.

But the strategy we loved most – and one we got to witness at B2B Expo in 2021 – involved business cards in the style of the Netflix hit ‘Squid Game’. These calling cards were dropped around the event anonymously, with a QR code that people could scan to play the game.

Source: Becky Cleary (LinkedIn)

Not only that, they also created a great promotional video with another nod to the Squid Game theme. Nice work Giants! 🦑👇

Spin that wheel!

To announce the weekly winners of the competition, Sleeping Giant Media went live on LinkedIn and Facebook every Friday at 3pm. Things kicked off with a shoutout to the highest scorer that week, followed by a spinning wheel to decide the prize, and finally a random name picker to reveal the lucky winner.

In addition to being a fun thing to tune in for each week, this live stream provided the perfect opportunity to promote the game again and again on social media. Top marks from us! 💯


After the 10 weeks were up, the App-Attack game had attracted over 1,000 unique players with almost 70,000 games completed. Even more impressive was the truly giant average engagement time of – wait for it – almost 3 hours per player! 😮

By combining the power of gameplay, a solid prize structure, and top-notch promotion, we’d say Sleeping Giant Media helped their audience to find the joy and then some!

The game was great at being addictive, fun, challenging and awesome, helping us to spread that ‘find the joy’ message whilst being fully branded to remind the audience it was from the Giants!

Amber Vellacott, Brand & Marketing Manager, Sleeping Giant Media


60% of players were new contacts

51% marketing opt-in rate

2 hrs 49 mins avg. engagement time