Match 3

With an average engagement time of just under 24 minutes, this engine can be the perfect match for your marketing campaigns.

Capture your audience's attention with this popular matching mechanic and keep them coming back for more with multiple levels, each trickier than the last!

Tailored to you

Re-coloured: Keep it simple by updating the colours to reflect your brand palette, adding your company logo to UI screens and changing the copy to reflect your campaign message. Simple but effective!

Re-worked: For a little extra customisation, opt for a happy middle ground with custom matchables that reflect your products, services, campaign or industry.

Re-skinned: Go all out with custom matchables, obstacles, environments and level layouts. We can take the Match 3 mechanic and make something totally tailored to you!

We’re happy to work with you to create a Match 3 that suits your brand. Drop us a note at to discuss your next campaign so we can suggest ideas for your budget and timescales (see estimated pricing info).

Looking for a more cost-effective option? Check out the range of ready-to-go games over on our Piknik site.

Good customer service, fantastic game selection, easy to use systems, project management was a dream compared with other companies.

Anna Smith, Agenda Marketing & Communication

Premium as standard

All of our games come with the following as standard:

  • Competition leaderboard to support competition elements and provide data capture
  • Friend leaderboard so players can connect directly with their friends and colleagues
  • Social sharing so players can share their score and raise awareness of your game
  • Admin section for exporting data in line with GDPR
  • Hosting options available
  • Campaign dashboard with real-time game stats

Licensing your game

Our games operate on a licensing model so you can choose the license that works best for you! Our licensing options are:

  • 3-month digital campaign license (standard)
  • 12-month tradeshow-only license (standard)

Extended and multi-use licenses are also possible, give us a call and we can work alternative options into your proposal.

Good quality work, streamlined process and always delivered on time and budget.

Jon Labram, Global Brand and Design Manager at Beazley

Getting technical

In addition to branding and artwork customisations, we can modify your game to include custom technical functionality to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Give us a call to discuss how to get the most out of your game campaign by adding the following features.

Email re-engagement

If a player drops off the leaderboard or gets overtaken by a friend they’ve connected with, why not send them an email to let them know? It’s a great way to keep the competitiveness alive and keep your audience coming back to play again.

Custom leaderboards

Want to build on the standard friend leaderboard? Do you have a global business with offices around the world and want to see how they stack up against each other? We can add custom features like these to help support your game objectives.

Got some more ideas about how you’d like your campaign to work? Let’s chat, we’re ready and waiting to build you the best game possible.