Patrick Star Show – The Game

A snack-fuelled sprint with almost half a million games played!

To promote the launch of The Patrick Star Show in Germany and Austria, Nickelodeon provided their young audience with a fun running game and lots of great prizes!

Following the success of their SpongeBob SquarePants game, Nickelodeon got in touch with Peek & Poke to explore a new idea for another one of their popular characters.

This time the focus would be on Patrick Star and his popular spin-off show now making its debut on German TV!

Food for thought

Anyone who knows Patrick knows that he loves his food. With an insatiable appetite at the heart of his character, we knew it had to play a central role in the game concept.

After lots of discussion about the different directions we could go in, we decided to bring Patrick to life in a runner game featuring two different worlds connected by the magic door found in his TV show!

A star is born!

In the first world, Patrick would run through his home dodging obstacles and family members while trying to munch as many breakfast items as possible – line up those pancakes, please!

When passing through a door, Patrick would find himself in a second secret world full of junk food and fizzy drinks to collect. With multiple doors dotted throughout the game, players could switch between them as often as their changing appetites desired!

It was a pleasure working with you guys on such a professional level and we look forward to more projects in the future!

Sonja Krvavac, Marketing Manager, Nickelodeon Kids & Family

Team work makes the dream work

We worked closely with the design and marketing team over at Nickelodeon to make sure the game art and creative would be consistent with the distinctive style seen in The Patrick Star Show.

The fantasy world included the likes of GrandPat, Gary the Snail, and his pet sea urchin Ouchie. Additional obstacles took the form of toasters, boxes, ship helms, and toilets – after all, you can’t have too much childish humour in a game like this!

The implementation of our ideas for the game has met and even exceeded all our expectations.

Sonja Krvavac, Marketing Manager, Nickelodeon Kids & Family

Let’s get this show on the road!

The game competition was live for several months and formed part of a larger promotional campaign to mark the launch of the show, with a multi-channel advertising strategy that included TV, radio, digital, Spotify, OOH and social media.

Players would be in with a chance to win a variety of great kids’ prizes – think games, gaming consoles, toys, theme park tickets, and of course lots of Nickelodeon merchandise!

With over 15,000 players playing a total of 438,000 games, and an average engagement time of over 15 minutes, it’s safe to say that Patrick was a big hit with his young audience!


15,392 total players

438,910 gameplays

15 minute avg. engagement time

The campaign was a consistently huge success across all our platforms and became one of the best-performing campaigns of 2022.

Sonja Krvavac, Marketing Manager, Nickelodeon Kids & Family