Huncho Dreams in a virtual L.A.

boohooMAN found the perfect collaboration to launch their first ever branded in app game, resulting in over half a million plays!

Collaboration Time

boohooMan were planning a campaign around the second drop of their collaborative collection with LA based rapper Quavo. Having considered games before, this seemed like an opportune moment to commission and launch their first ever game.

The team provided campaign photography and product assets for reference along with a clear brief – the game needed to be fun, entertaining, on-brand and drive special offers and promotions.

No problem!

We’ve been working on gaming for a while and now seemed the perfect time to release whilst people are at home in need of entertainment. It was also important to release the right quality of game that our users get value from and enjoy. Teaming up with Quavo was the perfect fit.

Victoria Pearson E-Commerce Manager, boohooMAN

A Virtual LA

It was time to take Quavo into a virtual world of his own!

In the game, players took control and guided a running, jumping Quavo over the rooftops of Los Angeles, collecting special products from the boohooMAN x QUAVO collection, all set to a custom soundtrack.

Peek & Poke are a great team. They guided us through the process and helped us deliver our very first boohooMAN game. We’re really proud of giving our customers something fun during difficult times and it’s the first game of many I’m sure.

Victoria Pearson E-Commerce Manager, boohooMAN

Voucher Rewards

In addition to the whopping £2.5k cash prize, boohooMAN wanted to reward their players with discounts on the products they aimed to promote too.

To answer this part of the brief we included our new voucher system so that players could unlock either a 10% discount or free postage vouchers from the game when they achieved a certain score.

These vouchers both rewarded the players with a sense of achievement and ticked off boohooMAN’s campaign goals. Winner, winner.

The game delivered really great results for us, with fantastic engagement and a 60% opt in rate.

Victoria Pearson E-Commerce Manager, boohooMAN

Huncho Dreams

The campaign was a slam dunk, with over 41.5k players completing the game over 665,000 times between them. The different vouchers on offer tempted players back time and time again, with an average of nearly 16 games per player.


Over 665,000 plays

11 minutes engagement per player

Average 16 plays per player

60% opted in to marketing