Borden 55 Days of Cheesemas

Counting down to Christmas in style with a 55-day prize giveaway competition!

Borden Cheese challenged players to hop as far as possible through a winter wonderland while delivering cheese for bonus points!

Say cheese!

In the lead-up to Christmas 2021, US-based Borden Cheese knew that they wanted to provide their audience with a fun experience that would help to raise brand awareness and engage players during the festive period.

Having previously worked with agency Gravity Labs to create an advent calendar from a 100 lb block of cheese (yes, really!), they decided to partner up again and use the same 55-day calendar format. But this time, they were taking the entire campaign online…

Get it in the calendar!

Gravity Labs knew that they wanted to find a digital advent calendar that would open a new door daily to allow people to play a game and win prizes. When they got in touch with Peek & Poke, we knew they’d come to just the right place!

By combining our digital advent calendar with a branded game, they would have the online format they were looking for. They could add a custom banner on the calendar landing page and custom images for the 55 daily prize doors – ranging from Instacart gift cards and kitchen essentials to free Borden Cheese.

We even added a custom footer to the calendar to help direct players to tasty festive recipes so they could put all that cheese to good use!

From the very beginning, it was clear Peek & Poke knew what they were doing and had a good process in place to accomplish what we were looking for.

Eric Prado, Head of Client Service, Gravity Labs

Hopping in a winter wonderland

For the game itself, they decided to customise our Hopper engine. This game saw players navigating their character through a winter wonderland setting, with extra points earned for delivering gifts.

With just a few simple tweaks to align the environment with the Borden brand colours – as well as plenty of in-game nods to their cheese products – ‘Delicious Delivery’ was born!

Merry Cheesemas!

Once they launched the game, Gravity Labs promoted the campaign across a wide range of online channels including digital display, paid social media, CTV, and MAT release.

With almost 50,000 players playing the game over 230,000 times, it was clear that their audience goudan’t get enough of this cheesy caper! We think the stats below are provolone that the Borden Cheese game was a grate success! 👀👇

As an agency, we are ultimately accountable for the work we deliver to our clients. We need production partners that are integral in producing the highest quality work.

Eric Prado, Head of Client Service, Gravity Labs


49,360 total players

232,304 gameplays

44% marketing opt-in rate