34SP.com WordCamp Conga

Helping 34SP.com draw a real crowd at their 80s-inspired WordCamp stand

34SP.com are frequent faces when it comes to WordCamp events. As they specialise in web hosting, servers and domain names, this series of global WordPress conferences is a key fixture on their marketing calendar and the perfect opportunity to make an impact.

Under Pressure

The first WordCamp of 2018 was right around the corner and 34SP.com still had no concrete stand theme in mind. With the dual pressures of budget and deadline looming overhead, the team ventured out in search of inspiration to make their space the go-to stand!

Hit The North

It was Prolific North Live, Manchester, in the midst of March’s Snowmageddon, when 34SP.com’s Dan and Simon stumbled across a small, brightly coloured stand with a big ol’ arcade machine.

We’d gone around other stands which were pitching VR and more modern games and found it wasn’t really our speed. Then we came across the Peek & Poke stand and the arcade cabinet really drew us in

Simon Foster, 34SP.com

Dan and Simon had been drawn to our stand like Pac-Man to cherries in the exact same way they were hoping to lasso people at WordCamp. Now, with a branded arcade machine forming the foundation of their stand, the puzzle pieces started to fit together and their 80s-theme stand was born.

They played, we chatted, and over the coming weeks we helped guide them through the whole process – from choosing an engine to tailoring their game, setting up the arcade machine as well as offering advice on scoring and prizes to help them drive footfall and get the best results.

There was some definite stand envy, which is always a good feeling!

Simon Foster, 34SP.com

Walk This Way

As with any stand-engagement tool, the key success of the game was in holding attendee attention long enough for 34SP.com staff to strike up conversations. Simon told us that the game did this and more;

“We had someone playing on the arcade machine pretty much at all times […] The game was great fun to play and acted as a superb icebreaker, bringing conference attendees to our stand that otherwise we may not have had the chance to speak to.”

Time after Time

Almost 9 months after the first WordCamp event, Simon got back in touch with us to let us know how the WordCamp Conga was continuing to work its magic with WordCampers up and down the country.

“The cabinet/game has universally been successful wherever we have taken it. [The game] has certainly increased footfall to our stand, as well as repeat visits… At pretty much every event we’ve ended up with two people competing for the highest score right up until closing, that has been a lot of fun.”

Thanks to Daniel Foster, MD and Simon Foster 34SP.com’s creative lead for sharing their experience with us!

Fancy doing something similar at your next event? Our branded arcade cabinets are now available for hire along with a branded game! 🥳


Drew a crowd to the 34SP.com stand

Inspired genuine competition amongst attendees

Created many opportunities for social updates throughout the event

Inspired stand envy from key competitors