Yellow Spider Be Data Ready Maze

Helping Yellow Spider drive footfall at their client’s event booth with a tailored maze!

Yellow Spider wanted to find a way to help their client entertain and engage conference delegates across multiple events.

Compiling Data

Yellow Spider are a Marketing Agency specialising in events and it was exactly this expertise they called upon when their client came to them with a stacked event calendar and a hunger for new ideas.

After a quick internet search and our friend Google, Claire Jackson, Programme Director at Yellow Spider, came across our website and got in touch!

I wanted to ensure we could maximise our client’s branding and go-to-market themes on our booth whilst ensuring that potential customers were attracted by an innovative new entertainment idea.

Claire Jackson, Programme Director at Yellow Spider

Getting Ready!

The campaign proposition for the event and beyond was ‘Be Data Ready!’ and so we worked together with Yellow Spider to find a way to get this across in-game.

After some initial scoping, we settled on a tailored maze, replaced the standard monsters with ‘ransomware bots’ and had the player character collecting up and protecting all the precious data from these internet nasties!

To grab the attention of passing traffic, we also set up a live leaderboard displayed on a large screen, encouraging people to stop and play the game set up on iPad plinths.

I really liked the game idea as a new way to attract customers to our booth rather than piles of plastic SWAG. The game itself was built to encapsulate a business theme which resonated with the audience.

Claire Jackson, Programme Director at Yellow Spider

On the trade show floor

The game was a big hit with delegates across two trade show events, wrangling them in for nearly 590 playthroughs, scoring Yellow Spider’s end client over 40 GDPR-compliant marketing opt-ins and over 100 new leads for post-event follow up. 

Even better still, the game was a hit with the end client and the Yellow Spider team. Just check out this wonderful feedback:

Organising an industry event for a corporate company is a massive project involving numerous suppliers and it was good to see that out of about 20 suppliers Peek & Poke were the most reliable and supportive throughout. Thanks Peek & Poke it was a pleasure working with you!

Claire Jackson, Programme Director at Yellow Spider


589 plays across 2 events

Over 100 scores submitted

41 GDPR compliant opt-ins captured