TTG Tampa Treasure Chaser

Yo ho me hearties! There's piratey capers ahead!

This tailored maze game engaged treasure hunting players for nearly an hour per player.

From Piknik to Peek & Poke

Travel media company, TTG Media, is no stranger to providing their travel trade clients with exciting bits of content to entice and entertain their travel agency audience.

Here at Peek & Poke, we’ve been lucky enough to support on a number of these campaigns already through our Piknik service.

So, when TTG Media were tasked with coming up with something personalised for Tampa Bay to build up excitement ahead of the 2020 Gasparilla Pirate Fest – they knew just where to turn!

The Piknik games were successful for us, so we felt no need to go elsewhere for a tailored game.

Madeleine Barber, Special Projects Editor at TTG Media.

A Pirate’s Life for me!

With a pirate theme firmly in mind we worked with TTG Media to explore game ideas that could work well for their wider campaign.

We settled upon a Maze game laid out like a pirate’s map. Players would need to work their way around, avoiding monsters to gather up all the loot and win some pirate-themed goodies!

The Piknik games are great fun, but – Peek & Poke tailored games gave us the opportunity to introduce more travel themes!

Madeleine Barber, Special Projects Editor at TTG Media

X marks the spot

The Tampa Treasure Chaser was a hit, keeping audiences entertained for an average of 48:42 per player! The siren song of Pirate Booty was clearly too alluring as players tried their hand at the game 18 times each on average with the core 530 players completing 9,640 games between them!


9,640 games played

48:42 total average player engagement time

18 plays per player