Branded Online Games

Stand out from your competitors and meet your marketing goals with a branded HTML5 game.

We design, develop and deliver addictive branded games to support your marketing. Tailored to your brand, our games work seamlessly across desktop and mobile, delivering the best experience for you and your audience.

We know you’re results focused, so here’s a few:

  • Our branded games regularly deliver over 20 mins average engagement time, per player. That’s a whole load of brand engagement!
  • One of our clients campaigns delivered a 40% CTR to a special offer page which delivered a company wide record ROI. 
  • Another delivered a 14% increase in app engagement during the game campaign.

Whether you work for an agency, a large B2B or own a small B2C, we’ve got you covered. Our branded HTML5 games combine fun and addictive gameplay with marketing strategy, meaning we can tailor a solution that helps you meet your goals.

Good customer service, fantastic game selection, easy to use systems, project management was a dream compared with other companies.

Anna Smith, Agenda Marketing & Communication

How can I use a branded game?

A branded game to support your marketing is a powerful engagement tool. Helping you cut through the digital noise, games capture attention, engage your audience and forge lasting connections.

Whether it’s to support an upcoming campaign, launch a new product, capture lead data, educate your audience, send traffic to your website or even drive footfall to your stand at an event, our games can help you to achieve your goals.

When it comes to cost, we can customise to suit your budget and your goals, from simply adding your logo and changing the colour to a full game re-skin. Get in touch to discuss the right game and customisations for you, whatever your budget.

If you’re thinking of using a branded game at an event, check out our free Trade Show Games Playbook. The guide features 35 pages of juicy insider info on leveraging the power of games to level-up your stand, plus a section on getting the most out of a virtual tradeshow booth.

The game was a fun way to engage with our audience on social media and encourage marketing sign-ups! Plus, we couldn’t believe how addictive the game was!

Chloe Charalambous, Digital Marketing and PR, Kingpin

How does it work?

People love to compete and they love to win – gaming appeals to this basic human instinct. Our branded games leverage the power of gameplay to help you connect with your audience and meet your marketing goals. So where do you start?

Pick a game engine
We have a wide selection of games, and each can be tailored to seamlessly fit within your wider campaign. Head over to our games page to browse and give them a try (they’re addictive–be warned!).

Choose your level of customisation
We offer various levels of customisation, from simply adding a logo to full environment re-skins. Our team can support you in choosing the right game and customisation options based on your objectives.

We take pride in working closely with our clients to understand what they are trying to achieve and who they are trying to reach. Before using our experience to advise which games and added functionality can help them reach their goals.

For example, if you want to encourage sales, you might want to implement a special offers function, like DFDS have done. Or if you want to engage your staff from offices around the world, global leaderboards can work a treat!

If you’re unsure of what would work best for you, our friendly team can advise. We’re always happy to chat.

Run a competition
As part of your customisation you may want to run a competition, particularly if generating leads is part of your objectives.

Leaderboard functionality is built-in to our games to motivate play and capture compliant data for follow-up campaigns. Extracting your leads is straight-forward – you’ll be given access to an admin screen where you can simply click to export your data.

Share with your audience

We can host the game for you on a secure personalised URL or on a subdomain of your current website.

All that’s left to do is kick off your campaign and share the game! Your online branded game can sit on your website or within your app, shared on your social channels and newsletter or even at an event or tradeshow.

Examples in action

We take great pride in our games here at Peek & Poke and nothing gives us the warm fuzzy feels like hearing that our clients loved them just as much. Here’s a few examples of how we’ve helped other organisations leverage the power of branded games to communicate, connect and engage:

Ready to get started with a branded game?