Coors Light Conga Challenge

Coors fans were challenged to round up their mates before last call to be in with a shot of winning great prizes!

In 2018 CKSK and Peek & Poke helped Coors Light bring the Conga to the party! Here’s how -

Bring on the games

Building on the success of the Ice Cave Challenge, digital agency CKSK wanted to keep the good times coming for Coors Light fans. Only this time, it needed to be bigger, better and with an emphasis of getting your mates involved.

The project was always centred around having a game. Games have been very successful with the Coors Light target audience.

Elsa Ebbersten, Technical Project Manager CKSK

Lodges and Logos

Following the wider campaign concepts, we transformed our standard office conga into a mountain lodge style bar, complete with pool tables, juke boxes and bar tops. The character wardrobe also changed from business wear to lumberjack casual to match.

We also created a custom game over animation which showed the conga leaving the bar at last orders and the shutters coming down behind them!

The art work was very successful. As it is an alcohol brand it was very important that the game did not look childish and this was definitely taken on board.

Elsa Ebbersten, Technical Project Manager CKSK

Last Orders

CKSK helped Coors run the game campaign over several months with regular giveaways and social promotions.

During the campaign we saw nearly 200,000 games played, with players coming back to play an average of 32 times each! Overall, total average player engagement time was nearly an hour per player.

That’s cause for celebration. Cheers!

The delivery was perfect. It was a stable solution that ran smoothly throughout the duration of the campaign. Peek & Poke showed great interest in the campaign as it progressed and I definitely would recommend them to someone who is looking for a game :)

Elsa Ebbersten, Technical Project Manager CKSK


Played 32 x per player on average

Overall engagement time 53.5 minutes

Played 198,222 times

6,221 players

Nearly 900 social shares