ICAP Every Second Counts

Competitive spirits were roused with players coming back to play an average of 18 times each.

Agency Techdept were commissioned by ICAP to help generate a buzz around their 2016 Every Second Counts Charity day.

A Global event

Now, this was no small task.

ICAP’s Charity day is the single biggest annual fundraising event, with ICAP giving its entire global revenues for the day to charitable causes. The day involves over 4,300 staff in 60 offices around the world and Techdept had the mammoth task of getting ICAP staff excited and motivated for the event.

With so many different teams to try and round up, Techdept knew the best way to get them to engage with each other and strive towards a common goal was a little healthy competition.

Let’s get this party started!

Techdept knew that they wanted a game at the centre of their promotions to help get both ICAP staff and the general public excited about the campaign. As the event itself was taking place in ICAP offices globally, what better setting for the game itself?

Using our Conga Challenge at its core, Techdept commissioned custom illustration to reflect the ICAP offices with large desks, stock broker phones and screens including reference to the core campaign messaging for the in-game environment. As fancy dress was also a key element of the event, we reflected this by swapping out suits for onesies and tiaras for the in-game characters.

To help drum up that competitive spirit, Techdept requested a custom-built worldwide leaderboard alongside a top scoring office leaderboard. This allowed players to instantly see which office and country was coming out on top. With the coveted top spot on the leaderboard in constant contention, it was hard not to get involved!

The warm fuzzies

The game clearly tickled the competitive nature of all the players in the best way, with an average engagement time at just under 33 minutes and average plays of 18 times per player!

The best part? In 2016 they raised a whopping £8.2 million and we feel privileged to have been a small part of that achievement.


4,900 players got involved in the fun

33 minutes average total engagement per player