Greene King Running The Pubs

Running up employee engagement for Greene King on their brand-new employee app.

After the success of their consumer-facing Christmas game, Greene King got back in touch to see if we could engage their employees in the same way!

Another Round

Greene King had developed their new Kingdom employee app and were looking for ways to encourage engagement and interaction from staff across the group.

Having worked with the Peek & Poke team on their 2018 Farmhouse Inn’s Jingle Jetpack game, the Kingdom team were keen to find out if a game could be as successful at engaging colleagues as it was with their customers!

Sasha Jones, Kingdom Content Executive at Greene King explains: 

From speaking to our digital team who worked with Peek & Poke before and looking at the businesses you had already worked with, we were confident that you would deliver the game we had in mind.

Sasha Jones, Kingdom Content Executive at Greene King

To the Pubs!

We wanted to feature as many of the Greene King brands as possible in-game, and after discussing options with the team, it was decided the Runner game engine would be the best way to do this.

Players would control characters in the familiar staff uniform, dashing across platforms modelled after real life pubs under the Greene King umbrella.

Sasha and the Kingdom Content team used the game’s leaderboard to issue challenges via the app to engage employees and keep them coming back to beat their colleagues!

Bringing ’em in

So, did the game work in bringing Greene King employees onto the employee app? According to Sasha, it most certainly did!

We saw a 14% increase in log-ons the week the game launched and the week following. These two weeks had our highest percentage of log-ons to date!

Sasha Jones, Kingdom Content Executive at Greene King

Last Orders

In the end, the game not only achieved Greene King’s goals of increasing app engagement, but it also reached nearly 12,000 players who completed the game over a quarter of million times!

But most importantly, we left Greene King staff with a smile on their faces! As Sasha said in summary of her experience working with us – 

“Thank you to all of the team for the hard work and effort in making the ‘Running the Pubs’ game come to life! The whole experience from initial draft to launch was brilliant!”


14% increase in engagement on employee app

Over 263,000 games completed

Nearly 12,000 players

33% of players were repeat players