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Discover how a branded Christmas game campaign provides an interactive experience to help you do just that! 🎄

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Branded Christmas games

Here at Peek & Poke, we’ve done the hard work of creating fun and engaging online games for businesses like yours to use in their campaigns. Once you’ve chosen a Christmas game from our ready-to-go range, you can add the finishing touches to make it your own:

➡️ Prices starting from £695
➡️ Ideal for smaller businesses and campaigns
➡️ Add your brand logo and messaging
➡️ Easy-to-use online content editor
➡️ Licenced for 1-3 months
➡️ Quick turnaround time

B2B game campaign ideas

1. Show your fun side

Games take us into other worlds where we get to play and allow ourselves to be entertained. For B2B companies, they’re wonderful for showing some personality and connecting with others in a way that’s fun and light-hearted.

Whether you use a game in place of Christmas e-cards or to run a prize competition to thank staff and suppliers, you’ll be in good company – our regular clients include insurance brokers, financial institutions, construction firms, and energy brokers, to name a few.

Go on, show it!

2. Celebrate with staff

If you have remote teams or lots of staff working from home, it can be difficult to foster a sense of community among employees. You could use a Christmas game and digital advent calendar to create a festive campaign with a difference – a virtual office party that everyone can attend!

Prize ideas for staff include restaurant vouchers, weekend mini-breaks, extra days of annual leave, duvet days, or charity donations made on their behalf (more on that below).

Let’s celebrate!

B2B Employee Engagement Game Example

3. Engage newsletter contacts

Games are a great way to nurture leads and connect with contacts on your mailing list – especially if engagement is down and you want a fun way to remind them about all the wonderful things your business is up to.

A competition format with daily prizes will encourage players to come back again and again each day. What’s more, you can use daily prize winner announcements to your mailing list as a way to remind them about the game – a win-win for re-engagement!

Engage that list!

Santa's Christmas Conga Game for B2B Mailing List Engagement

"The game was great at being addictive, fun, challenging and awesome, helping us to spread that ‘find the joy’ message whilst being fully branded to remind the audience it was from the Giants!"

4. Capture new data

Whatever the underlying objective of your B2B game campaign, you can encourage partners and suppliers to spread the joy far and wide and extend its organic reach.

For any new players to be in with a chance of winning a prize, they’ll need to submit their scores to the leaderboard. The functionality built into our games ensures that any new marketing data captured at this stage is done so in a way that’s fully GDPR-compliant.

Go get it!

B2B Christmas Game Data Capture Screen

5. Boost CSR

Perhaps you have plans to contribute to a good cause or the wider community this festive season? When you gamify your corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity, you can get your audience involved in a way that’s interactive and fun.

Ideas from our past clients include donating a certain amount to charity for every player who achieved a certain score in the game, or letting competition winners pick the charities that larger donations are made to.

Let’s boost!

B2B Branded Christmas Game Charitable Giving Example - Rhodar

6. Make a splash at events

At trade shows and events, branded games are a secret weapon to help you pull in a crowd, spark conversations, and make sure the leads you’re collecting are GDPR-compliant.

Our games are compatible with a range of devices, offering up interactive experiences that help you cut through the noise on a busy trade show floor. What’s more, you’ll have an easy conversation-starter when reaching out to leads after the event. Win-win!


Characters Playing Games at Trade Show Event

Want to chat to us about the C-word?

We hope the ideas above have helped to show how a branded game could sit at the heart of your B2B Christmas marketing campaign.

If you’ve got any questions or want to learn more, book a free discovery call with our team today – we’d love to chat and help you out!

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Launching a B2B Branded Christmas Game Campaign

"The whole process from start to finish was SO simple. Nothing was impossible and the games and calendar itself ran without a hitch. Our teams loved the games too and it would get quite competitive – you’d often see screenshots of high scores popping up in chats throughout the day!"

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