DFDS Capital Conga

Players helped the DFDS Ferry Captain round up passengers in Amsterdam, whilst congaing their way to great prizes.

Our latest game for DFDS caused quite a stir amongst their audience, as we helped drive online engagement and bookings with our addictive conga game.

Riding the wave

Having launched the hugely successful Jack’s Epic Adventure game, DFDS wanted to build on the momentum and launch another game quickly to promote exclusive special offers, increase online engagement and conversions.

All eyes were on the team to deliver something that was equally engaging and on brand!

No pressure then…

This medium is a great way to keep our audience engaged in a positive way

James Butler, DFDS

Dancing in the streets

As with all DFDS games, there needed to be a real focus on showcasing the DFDS core offering. To achieve this, the game is set in the lively port of Amsterdam, one of DFDS’s main destinations. Players take control of the Ferry Captain on a mission to collect staff and passengers scattered around a decidedly Dutch market, weaving in and out of bicycle racks and colourful stalls selling everything from Bloemen to Stroopwafels. Players had to collect as many passengers within the time limit without bumping into obstacles, including their own conga line.

Those who submitted their score to the leaderboard were in with a chance to win an Apple Watch and those who managed to stay in the Top 100 all received a DFDS keyring.

This is your Captain speaking …

DFDS knew  from the start of the project that re-engagement was going to be a key focus of the Capital Conga game. They wanted players to keep engaging with the game to increase their exposure to the special offers page. With this in mind, we helped DFDS by setting up an automated email system to entice players back into the game.

To encourage re-engagement with the game, players who had not played the game for a few days received an email from the Captain himself, asking for help in rounding up more passengers. He also sent a message if someone dropped off the top 100, so they could claim their spot back on the leaderboard and get their hands on their keyring!

Emails sent to players who hadn’t played the game for a few days saw a 40% open rate and 12% CTR and emails warning players that they’d been knocked off the leaderboard saw a 19% CTR.

We couldn’t be happier with the results and James Butler, DFDS’s Head of Conversion Marketing was happy too.

“We’re thrilled with the results and that’s its proving very popular, we found online forums where players were joking about how addicted they were to the game and sharing tips on getting higher scores to stay in the top 100. It’s really encouraging and goes to show that this medium is a great way to keep our audience engaged in a positive way.”

That’s what it’s all about. Result!


Email re-engagement saw up to 19% CTR

Average engagement time of 21 minutes per player

YouTube playthroughs and forum discussions showed popularity of the game