DFDS Jack’s Quayside Kickabout

DFDS and brand fans both scored big for UEFA Euro 2016

T’was the summer of 2016 and football fever was ready to sweep across Europe. With the UEFA Championships ready to kick off, DFDS wanted to ride that wave of football mania whilst also giving great deals back to their fans.

Ferries and Footballs?

Long-time client DFDS, a passenger, freight & logistics company, is no first-timer when it comes to branded games and is frequent guest-star on our pages. They’d tried and tested games before and knew they really worked for their target audience. It comes as no surprise then that when the opportunity arose to join in on UEFA celebrations and get a cheeky bit of brand promotion in at the same time, they got in touch about a game.

There was only one slight problem – ferries and footballs don’t typically go hand in hand.

DFDS needed a way to get in on the football fever with a signature fun and engaging game whilst still remaining loyal to their core brand offering.

Punting Parrots

Jack the Pirate is a well-known face on DFDS cruises, but before this game not many of his fans knew how much of a footie-fan he is! That changed with Quayside Kickabout which showcased his football prowess, having players help Jack hit moving targets on a DFDS dock by releasing a football with a power bar.

DFDS ran the game alongside the UEFA championship for the duration of the tournament, making regular social media posts and offering a range of enticing prizes from Euro 2016 Footballs to PS4s and even a mini cruise holiday!

They also spoiled players with exclusive offers on ferry travel for those who played the game.


Over the course of the campaign Jack’s Quayside Kickabout was played a total of 74,816 times! Wow! There was a clear case of football fever amongst players who played the game an average of 8 times each as well as spending just over 11 minutes playing the game. Result!

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9,000 unique players

Just over 74,800 plays

Total average engagement time of 11 minutes per player