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Discover how an online Christmas game campaign could be the perfect tool! 👇

Santa's Rooftop Runner Christmas-Themed Game

Branded Christmas games

Here at Peek & Poke, we’ve done the hard work of creating fun and engaging online games for businesses like yours to use in their campaigns. With a range of ready-to-go Christmas games to choose from, you can make it your own and have it launched in no time:

➡️ Prices starting from £695
➡️ Ideal for smaller businesses and campaigns
➡️ Add your brand logo and messaging
➡️ Easy-to-use online content editor
➡️ Licenced for 1-3 months
➡️ Quick turnaround time

Ready to sleigh your Christmas marketing?

1. Reward customer loyalty

If you’re looking to reward customers and keep them coming back for more, try using a game and advent calendar combo to share daily prizes in the form of voucher codes and special discounts.

By adding your brand logo and messaging to the game, you’ll create an engaging festive campaign to share across digital platforms while also promoting it to customers at physical locations such as stores or hospitality venues.

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Christmas Match-3 Gameplay

2. Increase email engagement

Games are a great way to boost your email newsletter engagement – our clients regularly see spikes in gameplay each time they send an email to their database.

By combining your Christmas game with a prize giveaway competition, you’ll keep your audience interested and build momentum throughout the duration of your campaign. You could even bundle up multiple games and cycle through them for an extra engagement boost!

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Santa's Christmas Conga Gameplay

3. Promote or launch products

The digital advent calendars available with our Christmas games provide a great way to showcase products and count down in style to a new launch!

If you already have Christmas products or ranges to promote, these would be ideal for the daily prize doors in the lead-up to the big event. If you’re offering limited-time discounts, the doors create timeframes and incentives to drive purchases before it’s too late!

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Digital Advent Calendar Consumer Product Prizes

4. Encourage in-venue visits

Got a brick-and-mortar business where you’d like to increase footfall or get more bums on seats? A festive game and countdown calendar would allow you to release voucher codes and freebies to be claimed in-venue by a certain date.

In the past, our clients in the hospitality industry have seen success with this type of campaign by giving away a set number of free meals, desserts, and vouchers for free drinks!

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Hospitality Branded Game Festive Menu Promotion

"The final product exceeded our expectations. Our branding tied in so well with the game and the character design ended up being incredible. The game surpassed our expectations as it was shared without the spend and how it should be – organically!"

5. Boost brand partnerships

Got a sponsor or brand partner that you like to work with? Games are a fun way to combine commercial opportunities with an experience that’s engaging for your customers.

With our ready-to-go games, you can add your own prize image, logo, and other images inside the game environment – perfect for promoting sponsored prizes or collaborations!

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Branded Game Partnership Prize Giveaway

6. Stay front of mind

Perhaps your aim is to stand out from competitors and stay fresh in the minds of customers during the busy festive season?

By encouraging positive and recurring interactions in a format that’s easy to share across social media platforms, digital games are fantastic for boosting brand awareness and creating a buzz online. Done right, your campaign could achieve some serious organic reach just at the time when it matters most!

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Budget-Friendly Christmas Flyer Game

7. Think outside of Christmas

It doesn’t all have to be about Christmas, you know. There are great opportunities to run similar campaigns for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, or to get rid of excess stock in the January sales!

We hope you’ve gathered a few ideas about how a branded game could help deliver on your Christmas marketing objectives. If you’ve got any questions or want to learn more, book a free discovery call with our team today – we’d love to chat and help you out!

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Quidco Black Friday Match-3 Game Menu

"We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from brands and members so we’re really happy with how those have performed. The sponsors for the Black Friday Match-3 saw an increase across all metrics we were tracking!"

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If you’re ready to start talking about your Christmas plans, let us know and we’ll be in touch to arrange the best time for a chat!

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