Piknik Rooftop Runner

A quick, cost-effective introduction to the world of branded games.

We’ve pre-packaged our popular Rooftop Runner engine, ready to be shared with your audience within two working days.

Is Piknik for you?

Have you always wanted to try a game in your marketing, but worried about value and ROI? Then this service is for you.

We love helping marketers like you succeed, positively engaging your audience and making marketing fun.

A Piknik game is perfect:

  • If you’re looking for something to quickly give your seasonal marketing an extra boost.
  • For trialling a branded game with your audience in a cost-effective way. Piknik games are available for under £1K.
  • As a fun alternative to the standard e-card to stand out from your competitors.

This Piknik Rooftop Runner game is also available in a variety of different themes, ready-to-go for your seasonal marketing activity.

Football Rooftop Runner

Perfect for a Women’s World Cup campaign this summer or one of the many ball-kicking tournaments or seasons throughout the year!

Santa’s Rooftop Runner

The perfect antidote to the standard corporate Christmas e-card. A fun and engaging way to reward staff and say thanks to clients and customers this year.

Valentines Rooftop Runner

A great way to create a romantic campaign or competition for your brand during the season of love!

Interested in learning more?

Check out the Rooftop Runner over on our Piknik website or get in touch to discuss how they can work for you.