Christina Horton

Hello Christina, great to have you on board! Could you tell us a little about your career journey so far?

Thanks – it’s great to be here at last! I used to work in SUM Studios a few years ago so already knew of Peek & Poke and the team and I’m excited to be joining the ranks.

So, I graduated in 2008 with a BA in Business Studies. My degree had a sandwich year (year in industry) and because of this I had a good idea that I wanted to work in marketing, so I found myself a great role with a company that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately the credit crunch hit not long after and that business went into administration. Since then, I’ve been moving between agency and ‘client side’ in various marketing and account manager roles.

What is your job title at Peek & Poke and what does your role involve?

I’ve joined Peek & Poke as Digital Marketing Manager and my main focus is to promote our range of ready-to-go games.

I’ll be working on all things digital marketing. Like devising and delivering the SEO and content plan with the team. Email marketing – building an engaged list is important to us. In addition I’ll be planning various marketing campaigns throughout the year that will (hopefully!) encourage fellow marketers to try a ready-to-go game as part of their own campaigns. I’m sure there’s loads of other things too… I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

What are you looking forward to?

This is going to sound pretty sad, but I’m really looking forward to being able to deliver a plan! Before joining Peek & Poke I worked in a couple of marketing agencies, and it was always quite frustrating when a client either watered down or ignored our recommendations. That’s why I’m looking forward to having control and being able to deliver something to plan, then test and review it, applying any learnings to future activity.

Obviously I’m also looking forward to working with a great bunch of people in a really exciting business!

What keeps you busy outside of work?

My little girl! Running around after a toddler and keeping her entertained takes up a lot of my time. When I’m not doing that, we (my husband and I) are probably working on one of the many projects around the house, or I’ll have my nose in a book, or be doing some embroidery. Wow – I sound so old! Occasionally I do try to get ‘out-out’ to the theatre or to a gig, and I do enjoy sampling some of the local food and drink delights around Sheffield.

What is your current / all-time favourite game? Digital or physical – there are no rules!

Ooooh. When I was younger, I was pretty obsessed with The Legend of Zelda. I used to spend hours playing that game and remember very clearly one time where I’d nearly beaten one of the big bosses and my dad turned the N64 off at the wall because it was way past my bedtime! I also used to really enjoy all of the Bullfrog games, like Theme Park, Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper!

These days it’s more about board games – when we get a chance! Some regular favourites are Catan, Carcassonne, and Pandemic. King of Tokyo, Hive, and Shards are also good quick fun for a cheeky evening game after the toddler has gone to bed!

Last but not least, and the one thing we all really want to know is, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, what’s the plan?

This has definitely come up in conversation at home more than once… The current plan is to head up north, find a convenient little island somewhere (maybe in Scotland) that has good land for keeping animals and growing food. Then basically bed down for the foreseeable!

The other option, and my husband’s preference, is to find a bunker – conveniently already stocked up with everything you might need for a zombie apocalypse and then hide out there. Although I think a bunker has a bit of a horror movie vibe… Personally, I prefer the idea of being above land where you can see what’s coming!