Coming soon!

Take a look at what's in the works here at Peek & Poke HQ.

New refreshing looks to our existing games, and brand new ones to help you find the perfect match for your next campaign.

Peek & Poke are constantly tinkering away coming up with brand new game ideas ready for our lovely clients to tailor.

Here’s a little peek behind the curtain at our current works in progress.

If any of the games on this page tickle your fancy and you’d like to use them at your next tradeshow or in your next digital campaign then get in touch!

Matching Pairs (new game)

Ah, the humble matching pairs game – a concept so well-proven it has its own psychological principle! (Don’t believe us? Check out Pelmanism!)

Tapping into that nostalgia and offering intuitive game play, the Matching Pairs game will give our clients the opportunity to test their players memories whilst also showcasing their brand and products.

Sneak in a couple of extra bonus mechanics like the time bonus, the match-finder and the devilish shuffle cards to keep things interesting and we’re certain this game will be a real winner.

Tokyo Runner (ready to go!)

2020 is going to be a big old year for sports, with one international competition in particular that has everyone excited.

To get into the spirit of things we’re designing a new skin for our Rooftop Runner engine set in Tokyo, Japan.

Dash across rooftops at super fast speeds, bounding over hurdles and avoiding obstacles on your way to glory!

This game is now ready to be commissioned as part of your summer of sports marketing campaign! Check it out on our Piknik site or get in touch to learn more about how it can be customised to your brand. 

Trade show Conga (ready to go!)

Our Conga Challenge is a real fan favourite amongst our clients. There’s the classic office conga and the Christmas office party conga, and soon there will be the trade show conga!

Set on a busy exhibition floor, players will boogie in and around the stands collecting delegates in the most epic conga ever!

This game is now ready to take on the road to your next event! Check it out on our Piknik site or get in touch to learn more about how it can be customised to your brand. 

The Happy Hopper (new skin)

We love our Christmas Hopper game, we really do. So much so in fact we think it’s a shame that it only ever comes out once a year.

So, we decided to make a new skin of the Hopper engine set in a more ‘year-round’ setting.

Players will need to guide the unicorn through a magical wonderland on an insatiable quest for donuts!

If unicorns and donuts aren’t your cup of tea (really!?😜), we can always customise the game to feature characters more relevant to your needs.

Not quite what you're looking for?

Do you have an idea in mind for a game that would work for you? Maybe a Quiz game, a Kitten Conga (🙏) or Space Invaders style game?

Why not get in touch with the team to discuss; we might have something similar in the works!

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