Virtual Trade Show Games

Thinking of exhibiting at an online event? Or maybe you’ve already booked your place and you’re looking for ideas for a winning virtual booth. Say hello to virtual trade show games!

Draw in online delegates with an unforgettable brand experience that sets you apart from competitors. Boost engagement with your booth, effectively capture lead data and provide your audience with some fun!

Cutting through the noise is tough, even at real-life events. Capturing the attention of delegates at a virtual event may seem even more daunting. However, it is possible! You just need to be sure that your booth is eye-catching enough to draw in the crowds.

As trade shows and exhibitions move online, it’s a learning curve for us all. You might be sceptical of the attendance, logistics and outcomes of a virtual event, and most importantly, whether you can gain a similar return on investment.

However, all the benefits of a physical trade show booth can still be achieved from the comfort of your desk. It’s making sure that your virtual brand experience stands out from the crowd that will determine your success.

Content keeps its crown for virtual booth success

Firstly, you need to think about your goals. What is it that you want to achieve from the event? Are you looking to generate leads, raise brand awareness or to launch a new product? The same principles apply regardless of whether you are planning a physical or virtual event.

You need to consider how you’re then going to meet those goals. When it comes to online events, your virtual booth content is arguably the sole critical success factor.

You’re not only competing with other booths, but also with the day-to-way workloads of attendees. Now, more than ever illustrates the need for content that’s a level above the rest. In a place where your delegates can just scroll on by, surrounded by distractions, you need something that stands out from the crowd.

Long bodies of text are a great way to blend into the crowd, video relies on an engaging speaker and content to keep viewers hooked and your visuals alone can’t always get the message across. Interactive content presents a unique opportunity to engage users in a way that other formats often struggle to achieve.

Branded games for your online booth

Branded games can cut through the noise and capture attention. Designed with the player in mind, they offer an engaging and playful experience that’s sure to stop delegates scrolling on by.

Tailored to your brand, games are a great way subtly weave in your marketing messages, whilst influencing sales and marketing interactions by appealing to basic human instincts. People love to compete and they love to win.

Our free Trade Show Games Playbook has 35 pages of juicy insider info on leveraging the power of games to level-up your stand. The guide also includes a section on maximising engagement and getting the most out of a virtual tradeshow booth.

How we can help

We specialise in developing branded games that deliver strong marketing results. We can customise any game from our wide selection to suit your budget, goals and brand, from simply adding your logo and changing the colour to a full game re-skin.

We have a wide range of games for sale to help you add an element of fun to your exhibition stand! Check out these trade show game ideas or explore a few examples of how they’ve worked for other brands:

Not only did it tick the boxes in attracting people to our stand, it worked brilliantly as a lead generating tool.

Leanne Mackee, 4C Insights

How does it work?

People love to compete and they love to win – gaming appeals to this basic human instinct. Our branded games leverage the power of gameplay to help you connect with your audience and meet your goals. So where do you start?

1. Choose a game engine

We have a selection of trade show games that can be tailored to your brand or completely re-skinned to match your campaign or stand theme. We can work with you to customise a game to your needs and your budget.

2. Run a competition

Whether you offer on the spot prizes or a free prize draw at the end of the event, leaderboard functionality is built-in to create a competitive buzz and capture compliant data for follow-up campaigns. Extracting your leads is straight-forward – you’ll be given access to an admin screen where you can simply click to export your data.

3. Launch it

All of our games are online-based, meaning they work seamlessly across desktop and mobile. We’re happy to work with your team and chat to any third-party software suppliers about the best way to host your game within their virtual event platform.

Make sure to include a strong call to action highlighting your game on your virtual booth banner, or why not display a live leader board on your booth to entice people to beat the top score? Leanne, our account manager is available right now on our live chat to discuss any ideas you might have.

We wanted something to drive footfall and this 100% worked

Simon Foster,

Let’s talk virtual exhibition games!