Piknik games

Have you always wanted to try a game for your brand, but worried about value and ROI?

Piknik is an online service featuring our most popular games. Pre-packaged and ready to go, with your logo and message in just two working days.

We love helping marketers like you succeed, positively engaging your audience and making marketing fun.

Maybe you need a game really quickly, or you want to test a game out with your audience in the leanest possible way. Perhaps your campaign budget doesn’t quite stretch to our usual Peek & Poke tailored games?

Then this service is for you.

We’ve taken our popular HTML5 games and made them even more accessible.  Simply add your logo, change the message and run a competition.  You’ll have a secure, personalised URL, to share with your audience for up to 60 days. We’ve made trying a branded game campaign for the first time, a real Piknik…

Choose Your Game

The Piknik website  has a wide selection of  seasonal games to choose from and ones that work all year round too.

You can play all the demos, watch the play-through videos or simply get in touch and we can help you choose based on your campaign and audience.


Add the game to your cart and choose either the Essential package, which has everything you need to get started the Standard package, with a few extras to help increase the reach of your campaign or the Premium package, with a few extra personalised customisations.

You can buy via company credit card, PayPal, or via invoice, whichever works best for you.


Once your order has been processed, we’ll send you a copy document to fill in and send back with your logo. That’s it – leave the rest to us.


Your game will be ready to share with your audience on a hosted link for 30 or 60 days, depending on your choosen package.

Neat eh?

Scoot on over to play all the game demo’s at piknik.games if you need any help or advice in choosing your game or would like some examples and case studies, get in touch with us on 0114 399 1011 or via email support@piknik.games.

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