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Branded Games Guide: Hospitality Edition

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Fancy trying a branded game as part of your Christmas or World Cup marketing but not sure where to start? We've created this handy guide especially for the hospitality industry. It's packed full of helpful tips and tricks designed to help you to plan your first game campaign!

Don’t you think that sometimes marketing can get a bit, stale? We’re pretty sure that people are always looking for a fun new marketing campaign idea, so we’ve created a brand new branded games guide, specifically for the hospitality industry!

Bums on seats and happy smiling faces through the door. If you work in the hospitality industry then that’s probably your main focus?

If you’re looking to increase footfall at your pub or restaurant, engage your audience, or reward loyal customers with vouchers and prizes then branded games could be just the thing.

To help you plan your first game campaign, we’ve collated loads of useful information into one handy guide! Get your free copy and start planning your first branded game campaign today!

This free in-depth guide covers:

  • Why games are playing a part in marketing strategy
  • Setting your campaign budget
  • Making a plan
  • Prize structure and prize ideas
  • How to build out, promote and launch your campaign
  • Results, results, results!

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