Conga Challenge

Our white label conga game is a proven crowd pleaser, with average engagement figures of 20+ minutes per player.

Navigate a maze of office furniture and collect bonus items as you corral your colleagues into the most epic conga ever!

Tailored to you

Keep it simple by updating the colours to reflect your brand palette, adding your company logo on posters and banners around the office and changing the copy to reflect your campaign message. Simple but effective!

For a little extra customisation, opt for a happy middle ground, with custom characters and collectibles to match your campaign or industry.

Or go for a full on bells and whistles re-skin. Take the Conga out of the office and into a world that suits your campaign theme. Nothing like dancing in the streets or around an exhibition hall!

We’re happy to work with you to create a Conga that suits your brand. Drop us a note at to discuss your next campaign so we can suggest ideas that suit  your budget and deadlines.

The project exceeded our expectations. We were really impressed by just how well our brand colours and fun, youthful focus came through in the game.

Adam Campbell, Game Manager at Azoomee

Premium as standard

All of our games come with the following as standard:

  • Competition leaderboard
  • Admin section for exporting data in line with GDPR
  • Hosting options available
  • Performance report at the end of your campaign

The game was almost too addictive and was a regular feature on the screens.

Louise Williams, Marketing Manager at Opus Energy

Getting Technical

In addition to branding and artwork customisations, we can modify your game to include custom technical functionality to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Give us a call to discuss how to get the most out of your game campaign by adding the following features.

Add Social Sharing Panel

Help your audience easily share the game and their score with their social followers with a handy sharing screen. Share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and via email.

Email Re-engagement

If a player drops off the leaderboard or gets overtaken by a friend they’ve connected with, why not send them an email to let them know? It’s a great way keep the competitiveness alive and keep your audience coming back to play again.

Custom Leaderboards

Have a global business with offices around the world and want to see how they stack up against each other? Want groups of friends to have their own competitive leaderboard? We can add custom features like these to help support your game objectives.

Got some more ideas about how you’d like your campaign to work? Let’s chat, we’re ready and waiting to build you the best game possible.

Still need a little inspiration?