Branded Games Guide: Christmas and the 2022 World Cup

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We've created this handy guide specifically to help you tackle the double whammy of Christmas and the 2022 World Cup!

Christmas and the FIFA World Cup are an unlikely duo of events that have never before coincided (and maybe never will again!). For the first time, brands and marketers are faced with the challenge of potentially combining the two themes in a single campaign.

If you’re looking for ways to combine these two major events, you may be wondering how you can achieve maximum impact and impressions while still remaining within budget… 🤔

Why not try using a branded game (or two) as part of your marketing campaign?

With branded games, you can tap into each event simultaneously to engage and entertain your audience. Games are ideal for: 

  • Running a prize competition or giveaway
  • Promoting a product or service
  • Deploying voucher codes
  • Driving traffic to a website or landing page
  • Re-engaging players over an extended period

And best of all, our off the shelf Piknik games can be ready to go in a matter of days! Don’t forget to check out our collection of football games.

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To help you plan your mash-up of a Christmas and FIFA World Cup online game campaign, we’ve collated lots of information into one useful guide. Make sure you get your free copy and start planning your branded game campaign today!

This free in-depth guide covers:

  • Why games are playing a part in marketing strategy
  • Christmas games, football games and bundles
  • Making a campaign plan
  • Prize structure and prize ideas
  • How to build out, promote and launch your campaign
  • Results, results, results!

PLUS three bonus Campaign Plans that you can put straight into play today!

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