Melbourne Man

Running up donations for Lumos charity.

Manchester-based hosting company Melbourne Hosting, now ioMart, specialises in web hosting for digital agencies and e-commerce brands. This creative and busy audience are notoriously difficult to impress and Melbourne wanted a way to increase engagement and raise brand awareness.

First time nerves

Knowing their discerning audience, this game had to be of the best quality and maintain that quality across a number of different devices. Having never commissioned a game before, there were real concerns about delivery schedules and time scales.

Very well managed and everything delivered on time. Exceeded expectations!

Natalie Fayle, ioMart

A Server Superhero

Melbourne got in touch to discuss the process and share their ideas and our proven Runner engine allayed fears of spiralling development costs whilst offering enough room in the way of customisation opportunities to make it ALL-Melbourne!

We animated their pre-existing company mascot, a superhero type character who keeps servers safe, and in doing so Melbourne Man was bought to life! With his cape floating majestically behind him, he heroically hurdled over the branded rooftops and all the obstacles in his way!

It’s a win, win

To help boost engagement and data capture, Melbourne ran a competition. Players who ran further than 500m were asked to submit their details for a place on the leaderboard and to be entered into a free prize draw to win an iPad Mini.

As a neat little addition with big impact, they added a charity fundraising totaliser, and donated £5 to charity for every player who ran over 500m and submitted their score.

Warm and fuzzy feels

Melbourne shared the game with their mailing list and promoted it through their social media channels. On average players spent 24 minutes playing the game and they raised nearly £800 for children’s charity, Lumos.

The game managed great engagement figures for Melbourne, was proven fun for their clients and raised money for charity too. Positive brand feels all round.


£800 raised for charity

Average engagement time of 24 minutes per player