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Kwik Fit Webinar: Creating Connections at Christmas

Check out the recap of our webinar with Bradley Jando, Digital Content Executive at Kwik Fit!

In October 2021, our Head of Marketing Cari Kirby caught up with Kwik Fit's Bradley Jando to find out all about how they use branded games to support their marketing.

With a focus on the 2020 Kwik Fit Konga game, this discussion provides an insight into how brands can use games to boost engagement and deliver on their wider campaign objectives.

Check out the clips below to learn about how the game performed, the prize structured used, and how Kwik Fit went about promoting it to their audience. You can also watch the full 30-minute video of the webinar.

Game performance

I think it's safe to say this out-performed our expectations!

We saw some really, really good results.

We didn't want players to feel like they were leaving empty-handed.

It was a good opportunity to show a bit of that character that we don't get to share with our serious content.

Learn more

For more information, head over to the Kwik Fit Konga case study (or their other Kwikmas Match case study) or check out the full 30-minute video of this webinar. 👀