KingPin Comms Football Runner

Turning their B2B Marketing Expo winnings into brand engagement.

KingPin Communications managed to score themselves a branded game while visiting the expo, find out how they got on and how you could be a winner too!

Winner Winner!

Last year, Peek & Poke exhibited at B2B Expo, showing off our games with a stand competition.

Along with our coveted nostalgia t-shirts (frequent players of our Peek & Poke comps will know these all too well!) we were also offering a top prize draw of a free Piknik game!

Kingpin Communications were one of the many delegates drawn in to play and, as luck would have it, they were also the ones to get drawn for the top prize. 🏆

From prize to promotions

Digital Marketing and PR exec at Kingpin, Chloe Charalambous worked with the Peek & Poke team to cash in on their B2B Expo prize and build a branded game campaign that would work to their needs.

We wanted a game to raise awareness of the Kingpin brand and raise money for a selected charity.

Chloe Charalambous, Digital Marketing and PR, Kingpin

We worked with Chloe to pick one of our Piknik games that fit in with topical marketing talking points. As it was the Summer following the Women’s World Cup, Kingpin opted for our Football themed Rooftop Runner!

Scoring campaign goals

The game successfully delivered on campaign targets in raising money for Kingpin’s target charity and, with a 34% Marketing opt-in rate, bagging some leads for Kingpin themselves.

The game was a fun way to engage with our audience on social media and encourage marketing sign-ups! Plus, we couldn’t believe how addictive the game was!

Chloe Charalambous, Digital Marketing and PR, Kingpin

It was a pleasure to work with Chloe and the Kingpin team and we hope we seem them back again for future branded game campaigns!

Come find us!

We’ll be at Marketing Shoe North in Manchester on 11th and 12th of March stand 122

And again at B2B Expo at the Excel in London on 25th and 26th of March stand 1462

So, come find us, play our games and you too could be in with a chance to be a winner just like Kingpin!


Over 250 unique players

Nearly 7,300 games completed

34% Marketing opt-in rate

Total average engagement of nearly 40 minutes per player