Coors Light Ice Cave Challenge

Helping Coors Light fans win big on the trail of the elusive Ice Cave!

Remember the Coors Light Ice Cave Rave ad?
A double-denimed Jean-Claude Van Damme pulled across snowy terrain by his faithful huskies in his eternal quest for the coldest of beers!? Well…

Plugging the Ice Cave

Dublin based award winning global digital transformation agency CKSK had worked with Coors Light on gaming projects in the past. So, when they were contacted to promote the Dublin leg of the Coors Light Ice Cave tour (yes, it is as cool as its sounds) they knew exactly what to do.

The solution completely matched our expectations and was delivered seamlessly.

Caitriona Harvey, CKSK

Running through the Rockies

Getting in touch with Peek & Poke with a mood-board of mullets, denim and snowy mountain peaks, CKSK opted for a full re-skin of the Runner engine. This allowed us to transform the game environment into a wintery wonderland to seamlessly fit the whole Coors Light campaign.

To get their audience excited over the Ice Cave Tour, they put 12 pairs of VIP tickets up for grabs and plugged the game and the dedicated landing page on social media.

It seems that the game went down really well on the client side as well. As CKSK said themselves –
“First impressions were very strong. The team were enthusiastic and very responsive to our requests. The solution completely matched our expectations and was delivered seamlessly.”


Players came back to play an average of 20 times each

Average play session lasting over 10 minutes

63 hours of game time in launch week alone