Beazley Express Delivery

A festive take on our new Hopper game

When it comes to filling the virtual stockings of their brokers, specialist insurance company Beazley have developed a Christmas tradition of sending out fun and engaging games in place of e-cards.

What to do when you’ve done it all before?

Beazley wanted to create something exclusively for their brokers, they also wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness of a couple of partner charities as well as share the game with their French speaking colleagues in Canada too.

Trouble was, this wasn’t their first rodeo. Beazley brokers had been treated to such hits as Jingle Jet and the Beazley Conga amongst others in recent years so they wanted to keep up the tradition of providing a fun festive game for their target audience to enjoy.

Good quality games, reliably produced on time and within budget.

Jon Labram, Beazley

New year, new engine!

Being a repeat client Beazley wanted to offer a new game to their discerning broker audience and decided to opt for the latest addition to the Peek & Poke catalogue – The Hopper!

Set in a magical winter wonderland, the Beazley broker needs to deliver as many insurance policies as possible, by navigating the moving environment and avoiding the speedy ice skating penguin and sleigh-riding polar bears, for fear of disappearing into a magical puff of pink smoke.

To help raise awareness of charity partners, London Makes it Possible and All Hands and Hearts we included logo links to the charity websites on the game homepage.

Joyeux Noël et Bons Résultats

With an average engagement time of 12 and a half minutes across 5,024 unique players, we’re confident it wasn’t just Beazley who were thrilled with the game. To top it off, each player came back to play the game an average of 7 times showing that helping their fellow broker get his policies delivered on time was as enjoyable as it was noble!


Over 34,000 games played

Played 7 times per player

Delivered in both French and English

Just over 44 days of total audience engagement