Branded Games: Level Up Your B2B Marketing

Your FREE guide to generating and nurturing valuable leads whilst building meaningful connections with your B2B audience.

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With 63% of B2B buyers feeling as though marketers aren't connecting with them, now is the time to start building meaningful connections with your audience.

As marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to engage, generate leads and stand out from our competitors, in what can often be a world that’s a little bit drier and slightly more “corporate blue” than our B2C counterparts.

But does that mean we can’t inject as much fun into our campaigns? No way. Our audience are still human, and it’s safe to say we all deserve to have a bit of fun! Here’s where branded games come into play. 👇👇👇

This free in-depth guide covers:

  • Some stats and figures on UK and global gaming trends.
  • How games fit into B2B marketing strategy and create powerful connections.
  • Determining whether games are a good fit for your business and audience.
  • How games can help you meet your goals at different funnel stages.
  • Getting the best possible game for your budget.
  • Common pitfalls you should avoid.

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